Bluebird Motel

Box 1888
Claresholm, Alberta
T0L 0T0

For reservations call:
1 800 661 4891


1 403 625 4657


How big is Claresholm?
Claresholm's population is approximately 3500. The town has only one traffic light and the locals boast they know how to avoid it.

How cold does it get here, and how much snow do you get?
An average winter day reaches about -10° to -15° Celsius(C) (14°F). Southern Alberta gets about the same amount of snow as the northern United States (Montana, Washington, Idaho) but generally the snow does not stay because of warm Chinook winds from the west coast which can raise the temperature from -30°C to +10°C (50°F) within hours.

What is the conversion from gallons to litres?
3.8 Litres = 1 American Gallon
4.55 Litres = 1 Imperial Gallon

Is American money accepted in Canada?
Canadian businesses will generally accept American money, but your best exchange rate will be found at the banks. You will receive the same exchange rate at any bank.